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lissa designs shop owner

Hello, My name is Lissa.

I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and artist. I was born and raised in the midwest but moved to the beautiful state of Colorado in the late 90’s. I also create and sell a wide range of prints, stationary, planners, clay pins and other goodies in my shop.

I am a creative, who’s mediums of choice depend on the day and how I feel. On some days, all that’s required of me is watercolor; other times acrylic painting provides the perfect outlet for my creativity while still others bring ink drawing or marker illustration into play. Traditional media like oil pastels also have their place in this constantly changing workspace. Every time I start a project there are countless ways it can go off the beaten path. So, no matter which way your passion leads you, let loose with abandon!

Thank you for visiting my shop! I’m so happy you are here. Join me over on my blog or YouTube channel if you would like to follow along on my art journey.

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